Typical customer results

Battle Stations provides training records of individual and team performance, plus it identifies specific fix actions to make rapid operational improvement.  

…on production.   



Battle Stations initiates, tracks, documents, and facilitates debriefs for cyber defense analysts and teams. Organizations can identify their best analysts and teams with ease.

Battle Station includes:

  • Automated training  scripts for apprentice, journeyman, and master levels 

  • Results show who, what, where, & when of training events

  • Curated individual and organizational performance over time

Enable Defenders to Train Where They Fight!

There’s no substitute for the real thing. Classrooms and labs are only poor approximations for the production systems and configurations. Now you can conduct “Live Fire” training where you fight.  Why train anywhere else?

Train Against the Real Threats

Practice against the real thing using your tools. Use a MITRE ATT&CK curriculum to rapidly improve operational performance. Enter a virtuous cycle where training events continuously improve personnel and the technology they use.

Customer Case Study See how we helped recent customers improve their analyst speed over 9X!

Additional Features


  • Updated ATT&CK techniques
  • Automatically assign required training
  • Team reporting and trending
  • Show stats on optional leader board

In Depth Metrics Available

  • SIEM Signal to Noise ratio (New)
  • False positives report (New)
  • Automically capture Mean Time to Respond
  • Prevent, Detect, & Alert rates by technology

Overall System Improvement

  • ID & fix technical issues
  • Prove gaps in coverage
  • Iterate testing until performance improves
  • Show why certain tech should be retired