What Is DoDCAR / GovCAR?

A threat-based cybersecurity process designed to evaluate cybersecurity performance and inform architecture choices. The methodology was developed inside the DoD and is now required for analyzing the risk profile of high value assets throughout the federal government. The analysis empowers departments and agencies to make threat-based cyber risk decisions required by Executive Order 13800

DoDCAR / GovCAR moves away from compliance only focus and instead identifies how well organizations can detect and defeat known threats. The results  provide a clear return on investment as each dollar spent should address the most likely and impactful risks to the organization.

Lighthouse enables customers to automate a threat-based Cybersecurity methodology for DoDCAR and GovCAR. Customers can quickly build situational awareness of protections against the most prevalent threats. Cyber COAST’s patented products include the following add-ons:

  • Battle Stations Module: Evaluates the security performance of cybersecurity personnel in relation to anticipated threats on production networks. 

  • Key Terrain Module: Analyzes the security performance of High Value Assets against a variety of threats and relative to other portions of the ecosystem.

  • Port Authority Module: Enables large organizations and government agencies to continuous validate situational awareness of cybersecurity performance across their ecosystem and supply chain.




The overall lack of timely threat information means agencies are spending billions of dollars on security capabilities without fully understanding the dangers they’re facing in the digital wild.”

Federal Cybersecurity Risk Determination / Report to the President

DOD Has Not Fully Implemented Key Cyber Hygiene Initiatives and Does Not Know the Extent of Protection

Government Accountability Office / GAO 20-241

What Is The IMPACT Of Using DoDCAR And GovCAR?

By using the Cyber Threat Framework, senior leaders will be able to recognize and effectively direct resources to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

DoDCAR analysis enabled DoD to save $250M and reduce observed risk by over 55% compared to other alternatives.

See how customers reduce risk by 50%+ using Threat Based Security

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