Threat Based Cybersecurity Portfolio Review — Automated!

  • Identify best Return on Investment for risk reduction
  • Automate DoDCAR and govCAR
  • Prioritize performance gaps using threat intelligence 
  • Base investment decisions on performance data rather than perceived risk 
  • Clear return on investment with each dollar spent addressing most likely and damaging threats
  • Provide clear trade-offs between different options to reduce risk

Prove Outcomes Against Current Threats.

  • Identify what controls work, what technologies are helping, and where gaps remain across the NIST security framework
  • Tests are representative of adversary tactics currently used
  • Identifies effectiveness of prevention, detection, and alerting
  • Battle Station subscribers can measure response actions 
  • Standardized on MITRE ATT&CK framework


See how we improve cybersecurity performance up to 300%!

Download the case study here

Analyze Operational Impact

  • Validate the security of individual systems and network segments
  • Prove the security performance of your most important systems 
  • Balance the cyber risk associated for most critical assets and missions
  • In-depth analysis identifying areas for specific improvement
  • Continuous validation of tends over time plus alerts if failures occur
  • Custom scoring and standards for High Value Assets & key terrain

Report and Analyze Performance Across Your Ecosystem

  • Proactively validate security posture across your ecosystem
  • Find the weak links in your supply chain 
  • Identify hot-spots in immediate need of attention
  • Track currency and completeness of tests
  • Dive deep into individual results 
  • Conduct dynamic analysis of new or specific threat vectors

More Features

Outcome Based Guidance

  • Adaptive guidance for analysts
  • Business cases analysis
  • Optimize your solutions for mission & budget
  • Identify which technologies are providing value
  • Benchmark industry & company security performance

Advanced Testing Capabilities

  • Test, train, & improve AI/ML defenses
  • Conduct product bake-offs and automate comparison
  • Rapidly test and protect against new threats 
  • Utilize real malicious code to test solution 
  • Execute robust what-if scenerios

Continuous Evaluation and Assessment 

  • Schedule evaluations daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Show trends in people, process & tech performance
  • Report across the ecosystem and down to system level
  • Couple word description here
  • Track currency and completness of tests